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Giving Back

Our members put the “community” in community garden!

Each year our organization provides over 20 workshops and events which are free and open to the public. As an all volunteer run organization, we strive to help our neighbors, community, and local businesses enjoy the Victory Gardens for generations to come.

Annual Events:

  • Catalog Meet Up
  • Seed Swap
  • Community Participation Days
  • Open Gardens & Art Show
  • Garden-to-Bar
  • FensFest

Past Workshops:

  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Lizards in the Gardens
  • Spring Flowering Shrub Pruning
  • Herb/Medicinal Plants to use in your kitchen
  • Busy, Buzzing, Bees – a day in the life of a honey bee
  • Build your own Insect Hotels
  • Compost Sifters 101
  • Self Watering Raised Beds & Containers
  • Bird Watching & Bird Friendly Gardens
  • Season Extenders
  • Natural Pest Repellents
  • Rabbit Proofing your garden
  • Healthy Soil 101
  • Invasive plants and how to remove them
  • and so many more…

Out of over 500 plots:

  • The Teaching Garden: Four of our garden plots are dedicated to a Teaching Garden which hosts free monthly workshops and grows produce and flowers for monthly donations to the Women’s Lunch Place throughout the growing season. The Women’s Lunch Place is located in Copley Square and welcomes approximately 225 women each day, most of whom have experienced trauma, abuse, and loss without judgment or requirements for assistance. Each year our members plant vegetables and flowers of all kinds in raised beds. Our organization uses this space to teach workshops to our members and the people on topics like how to build self watering raised beds, season extenders, compost sifters, vegetable trellises, good soil techniques, and more!
  • The Herbal/Medicinal Garden: Two of our garden plots have been transformed into a stunning, public herb garden. Located in the heart of the gardens, the herb garden provides our community a place to meet with friends, bird watch, learn about herbs of all kinds, people watch, and gives another space for workshops to be hosted. Thanks to grants from the Mission Hill Fenway Neighborhood Trust, our volunteers were able to build a space that will last for generations!
  • The Apiary: One of our garden plots has been transformed into an Apiary, home to thousands of honey bees living in several different hives. Included within the Apiary is a pollinator garden which is home to several different flowers that help to feed our bee and butterfly population. The Apiary and pollinator garden were built to help educate visitors on the importance of feeding our pollinators, what bee hives look like, and what plants can be planted in a home garden to encourage bees and butterflies to visit!