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Community News

Each post is brought to you by garden members, park neighbors, and community partners. Thank you to our many contributors!

>75th Anniversary T-Shirt Design Wanted

Do you have an idea for what we should have on our 75th anniversary T-shirt? Let us know! Submit your designs through our website and let us see your ideas,... Read More

>Fruits of Investigation

Written by Bruno Rubio, FGS Member
  The FGS archives are in the care of the Massachusetts Historical Society (MHS). Founded... Read More

>How to Garden all Winter Long

Written by Diane Chabot, FGS Member
  Snow is on the way, which means we may be stuck inside soon. But that doesn’t mean we... Read More

>Edible Boston: Summer 2016 Edition Feature!

Written By Sarah Oakes, FGS Member
  Hey Everyone! If you haven't picked up a copy yet,... Read More

>Herb / Medicinal Garden Grand Opening

Written By Sarah Oakes, FGS Member
  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Herb... Read More