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The Fenway Victory Gardens Est. 1942

The Spirit of Community

What a season — thanks to all for your contributions large and small! This year, the extended board has been busy strengthening the FGS community by creating more opportunities to gather in-person through events in the gardens, as well as with our community partners. We’ve kept the conversation going online with our Facebook page and the redesign of our website.

It is important that we keep the community in community gardening. When we have good relationships across the gardens, other great things will follow! In the spring and early summer, Mother Nature threw us a couple of curveballs in the form of both extreme rain and heat, but as always we have dug in and persevered. The rabbit population explosion added another layer of difficulty, but with the help of some well-placed rabbit proofing, we’ve been able to turn the season around and enjoy plenty of bountiful harvests and beautiful flowers.

Over the course of the season, we’ve been sure to engage our community partnerships. Parks Department They’ve repaved the central path, provided dumpster access, kept up with trash removal, and partnered on rabbit control issues. Emerald Necklace Conservancy (ENC) They keep us connected to all the nonprofits in the Emerald Necklace, provide free park tours, and help care for our park with the Green Team. Fenway First This new Fenway business association has supported us throughout the season through special member discounts, event hosting, and generous FensFest donations. Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN) Our community garden partner has helped with CPD workshops, annual compost donation, and city-wide gardening education opportunities.

Boston University The Gastronomy Department has graciously hosted our movie screenings, and will be providing guidance for our Medicinal Gardening program.Mass Historical Society They have continued to safeguard the FGS archives and open their doors to any FGS member interested in reviewing our historical files. Arborway Tree Care We’ve been lucky this year with a continuous stream of wood chip deliveries all season. Boston’s Bee Community Golden Rule Honey has taken care of our bees again this year, and were instrumental in us hosting the 2013 Tour de Hives. Boston Police Department We’ve built upon our relationship with the special Community Police team, meeting in person on a monthly basis and reporting issues in between. Together we’ve been mentoring each other, sharing tips, exhibiting stewardship, and having a little fun — which is what it’s all about! Even as it’s getting colder, gardeners are gathering to help each other replace fences, construct garden gates, and prepare for the winter. It’s much more enjoyable to approach a project with fellow gardeners and a bit of friendly banter.

Community gardening is all about sharing the experience of gardening, so don’t forget to say hello to your garden neighbors, learn from them, and lend a hand when an opportunity presents itself. There is plenty that we accomplished together this year, and lots more on the to-do list. As they say in this neighborhood, there’s always next year! Thanks again for a wonderful season. See you at the Annual Meeting on November 16th!

Kristen Mobilia