2018 Call for Nominations

Good afternoon, Fellow Gardeners.

As we prepare for 2019, the Fenway Garden Society has a need for volunteers with a desire and ability to assist with our organizational needs to step forward!  Following is a partial listing of volunteer posts that need to be filled for 2019:

Elective Offices:  President, Senior Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Communications and Development, Treasurer, Vice President of the Park, Area Directors

Appointive Offices:  Archivist, Mail Officer, Membership Officer, Pipes Officer, Public Relations Officer, Security Representatives, Section Coordinators

Committees:  Nominating Committee, Guidelines and Regulations Committee, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Auditing Committee, Endowment Committee

Commitments to these posts range from as little as 1-2 hours per month to a satisfying part-time volunteer opportunity for gardeners with a penchant for service.  Complete descriptions can be found in our Constitution & Bylaws, available for download on our website:  http://fenwayvictorygardens.org/get-involved/memberresources/constitution-bylaws/

Those interested in serving on the 2019 Board of Directors as an elected officer are encouraged to submit their questions and names to the Nominating Committee at nominate@fenwayvictorygardens.org by Wednesday, November 28, 2018.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

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