06/01/19 Spring-Blooming Shrubs and Vine Pruning Workshop

SIGN-UP for Final Pruning Workshop
“Spring-Blooming Shrubs and Vines”
With Arborist Jen Kettell
Saturday, June 1, 2019

*Sign-up required

Demo Gardens for June 1st: Key Learning:

A01: Leo Romero, Forsythia, Height reduction, thinning dense growth

A20: Tammy Anderson, Wisteria, vine Shaping, draping, promoting more blooms

G4: Barry & Jennifer, Lilac, Height reduction, promoting even bloom distribution

B? New Gardeners, Lilac, Height reduction, thinning dense growth (Rick confirmed these.)

Time Permitting:

Z13: Quince shrub Pruning leggy, spreading growth into more controlled, rounded shape

Spring-bloom Pruning flyer re-do


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