Entrance Garden Project

As you may be aware, a developer recently received approval to build a hotel in the space located at the site of the current Shell gas station on Boylston Street across from our Entrance Garden. After the project was announced in early 2018, FGS submitted a comment letter to BPDA in connection with the proposed plan given its impact on our Entrance Garden, our main entrance to the Gardens. A copy of the proposal, along with public comments, is in the public record with BPDA. After many starts and stops, in early October 2019, we were delighted to receive notice that a $25K payment to FGS for the FGS Entrance Gardens Project was included in the BPDA Board approval memo following the BPDA’s mid-August 2019 meeting. These funds are distributable to FGS at the issuance of a Building Permit by the City, although we do not have any indication of a timeline on when that will be. Representatives of OTO (including Vince Tiberi), the building developer, have requested ongoing updates from FGS on the FGS Entrance Gardens Project.

The FGS Board would like to recognize the strong advocacy of both the IAG and the FCA in helping FGS secure these funds for this long-awaited project to improve our Entrance Gardens. The Board wishes to thank and would also like to recognize the exhaustive work and professionalism the key individuals with COGDesign (Jennifer Kimball) and Perennial Gardens (Ellen Abdow, Katie Wilcock and Hadley Berkowitz) in drafting and revising the landscape design which we submitted to the Landmarks Commission, and which received approval, in April 2019. COGDesign and Perennial Gardens have provided FGS with pro-bono services since late 2017 in connection with the FGS Entrance Gardens Project. We look forward to breaking ground on this important project!

View the documents here:
Fenway Victory Gardens Existing Conditions 011819
Fenway Victory Gardens Existing Conditions – Photographs 011819
Fenway Victory Gardens Proposed Plan 011819
Fenway Victory Gardens Proposed Plant List 011819

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