Report a Water/Pipes Issue

Water is supplied to the gardens from mid-April through mid-October by the City of Boston.

Water leaks or issues should be reported in a timely manner to Please be specific and supply the following information in your email or use the form below:

  1. Location: please be specific and include Row AND Garden # as best you can. The plot number range for each row is located on markers at either end of the row, and may even be at individual garden posts.
  2. A description of the problem (e.g., pinhole leak, flooding, “geyser-style” spray or broken pipe). This will allow us to assign the appropriate priority to the matter. A picture is worth a thousand words—include a photo!
  3. When (day/approximate time) you noted the leak. This will keep multiple individuals from visiting the same location after the leak has been repaired, taking up the time of our Irrigation crew.

We are not in the Gardens 24/7, but this information will aid us in handling any water issues quickly and efficiently.

Thank you for your help!

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