Join Our Membership Waitlist

Membership in the Fenway Garden Society is open to all City of Boston residents. We welcome new gardeners throughout the growing season. If you are a City of Boston resident and are interested in Membership, add your name to our waitlist today in one of the following ways:

  1. Fill out online form below or click here
  2. Write us:
    Fenway Garden Society, Inc.
    P.O. Box 230038
    Astor Station
    Boston, MA 02123

Annual Membership Fees

FGS Regular Membership Fee: $40 per plot
FGS Senior Membership Fee (Age 65 and over): $25 per plot

Adherence to the Fenway Garden Society “Guidelines and Regulations”

All FGS members are required to keep gardens in compliance in accordance to the FGS Guidelines and Regulations regarding:

  1. Gardeners
  2. Structures/Furnishings
  3. Planting Restrictions
  4. Maintenance
  5. Compost/Disposal Material

A copy of our Guidelines and Regulations in multiple languages is available online or by phone request at 857-244-0262.

Failure to comply with any of the Guidelines/Regulations may result in revocation of membership.

Service Requirements

Membership in this historic community comes with the responsibility of park stewardship. As an all-volunteer organization, we depend on each member under 65 years of age (per FGS Guidelines & Regulations) to support our goals each gardening season. It is the responsibility of each member to track and satisfy their individual service requirements.

Members in good standing

Members in good standing are allowed to renew their current plot the following season during the renewal period. Deadlines for renewals are set by the Board annually. Garden plots for members not renewed in a timely manner will be placed on the list of open gardens for reassignment to new applicants.

What does the New Assignment process look like?

When we have gardens available we invite people at the top of our waitlist to a New Applicant Session (NAS) and orientation which includes a review of our Guidelines and Regulations and a tour of our common areas and available plots. At each NAS, interested gardeners are assigned a priority number based upon when they joined our waitlist, and choose their garden in order of priority. Anticipating no-shows, we may invite more gardeners than we have gardens, which results in disappointed applicants who will remain on the waitlist and be invited to the next session. Some applicants may choose to remain on the waitlist rather than accept an available garden that is not to their liking.

Over the course of the gardening season, we invite interested gardeners to join us on a Community Participation Day (or CPD). CPDs are unique opportunities to learn about gardening and our community as we work side-by-side with new and veteran gardeners and volunteers on any number of projects: turning compost, building gates and fences, weeding, mulching our trees and flower beds, building raised beds, raking, weeding and general cleanup

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